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Ornamental Fungicide

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A natural product that is chemical-free and good for the environment, Garlic GP Ornamental* controls white powdery mildew, rust and downey mildew. For use on all ornamentals - both inside and outdoor - Garlic GP Ornamental will not harm people, pets, birds, wildlife or beneficial insects. The application becomes odorless within hours, and lasts for up to an impressive 21 days!

Safe for use on all varieties of ornamentals, including:
Green shrubs, blooming shrubs, trees, ferns, conifers, tropicals, succulents, palms, bedding plants, vining plants.

Available sizes:
- 1 gallon (concentrate)
- 1 quart (concentrate) Bettix bottle

* Patent Pending


Retail Locations

Garlic GP products are also available at a growing number of retail outlets in Texas and Colorado.


J.D. Hennig
Marion, TX

Customer Testimonial

We have twenty five crape myrtles around our house. They were all covered with white powdery mildew. Since we have four kids and two dogs, we were afraid to treat them with hazardous chemicals, so we tried a natural product, Garlic GP Ornamental fungicide.The product worked better than we expected. It wiped out the powdery mildew and it's safe to use.


DeeAnn Barnett
Copperas Cove, TX

Customer Testimonial

My Crape Myrtles always get White Powdery Mildew.. I'v tried many different chemicals with only fair results. This year I tried Garlic GP Ornamental natural fungicide. the results were super! It's really effective! And it's so easy and safe to use. Try it! You'll like it!


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University Study

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture: Effect of a Garlic Extract on Growth of Select Soil-borne Fungal Organisms in Culture.

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